The Crew


Live music

Performed by Petra Poutanen-Hurme, Katri Antikainen and Aku-Pekka Kurjenniemi!

Petra Poutanen-Hurme is an artist whose activities, especially in music, are always interesting. The incredible understanding of sound and sense of style, combined with the power of sound is not a bad combination. Petra is playing multiple instruments (Concert Kantele and Guzheng) in the performance, including her voice. Listen to Petra’s previous musical compositions

Katri Antikainen is the heroine of the cello, an electronics prodigy and has a sense of style of a person that dares.

Drummer Aku-Pekka Kurjenniemi is a master of style in all areas of life, but especially his musical civilization is outstanding. If you ever fancy a musical inspiration, call Aku.

Tricking – Team Unito

Unito is a performing martial arts tricking team from Tampere that was established in 2004. Tricking is relatively new underground sport that combines aesthetic moves from different martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, capoeira and wushu, and also movement from different dance disciplines. Unito has been performing all around the world, for example with Finnish artist Robin at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium last summer. Read more about Team Unito

Some consider Veli-Matti Saarela (Amfortas) as an athlete, others as an artist. While watching this supertalent, you can see for yourself that the truth is something in between. Vellu is undisputedly one of the leading trickers of the world and a pioneer of the whole sport. Check his latest tricks here

Riku Rikkonen (Parsifal) is despite his young age a skilled tricker and already a reliable performer. Riku is a good example of what is achievable by perseverance and determination, because they are capabilities this young tricker has a lot.

Lauri Koskinen (The Blue Knight) is Unito’s handsome groundwork champion and a phenomenal master of style. His series of movement combine the smoothness of dance, wit of capoeira and the explosiveness of tricking.

Anssi Nurmi (Gurnemanz) is cool as a cucumber and one of the pioneers of Tricking. Anssi is known from his impressive, clean and high tricks. He is confident and experienced performer who has been seen on international stages from Portugal to Dubai.

Jaakko Mölsä (Titurel) is passionate about martial arts. In his youth he was interested in Karate and Thai boxing. Jaba appreciates strong, sharp kicks and tricks that are performed with clean technique. Jaakko is quite a multi-talent, because the spare time he creates a career as a musician.

Youngest member of Team Unito Aleksi Ranta (Tristan, Bad Wolf) is a rock-solid athlete, who despite his young age has had time to carry out a black belt in taekwondo. His signature style emphasizes sharpness, strength and springy movements. In rehearsals Allu is a relaxed guy who always has a big smile on his face.

Team Unito’s veteran performer Emil Virtanen (Klingsor) has studied Wushu in China and has also been the Finnish Wushu national team. Emil is one of the longest-standing members of the Team Unito. Emil is Unito’s martial art expert.

Pole dancing 

Henriikka Roo (Kundry)

Henriikka Roo is a versatile pole dance artist and a captivating performer. Henriikka has changed the perception of many of the pole dancing, both in Finland and in international arenas. In to the public consciousness Henriikka rocketed in the autumn of 2011 through the TV talent show. She has performed and competed for several years in the pole dance field. Despite the racing career Henriikka always strives to make performances where all audiences can enjoy the versatility of pole dancing. Read more about Henriikka


Breakdancers Vadim Lilleorg and Timo Viljanen are seen in the roles of the armor–bearers of the tricking Knights of the Holy Grail. Vadim teaches breakdance in the Finnish Ballet Institute and Timo is known from the Moonfreeze group. Vadim is also seen in the role of the Good Wolf.


Pauliina Asikainen (Herzeloyde) is a clever 19-years old dancer. Her dancing career began as a young streetdancer and expanded over time also to show dance. Pauliina has danced in competing groups since 2007, which has brought him a huge amount of experience and professionalism. Pauliina is a skilled performer who adopts new styles quickly and expresses herself through dance.

Only 17-year-old Katariina Asikainen (Herzeloyde) has been dancing for a long time a variety of street and show styles. She has been occurring in groups since 2009 and has also succeeded in Finnish National competitions. Katariina has dedicated training attitude and her diverse expertise as a dancer shows as bold immersion and reliability on stage.


Petra Lesonen

Petra Lesonen (Konviramur) is a passionate and professional artist. Petra is coming from Sorin Circus and she has studied in France and graduated as a dancer from North Karelia municipal education and training consortium in 2014. Petra’s creativity and skill is combined in her main act in ring trapeze, which is really hypnotic to watch.


World-renowned UniFlow shows combine impressive fire juggling and mesmerizing fire dancing with energetic tricking acrobatics and martial arts. In Parsifal we see five fantastic UniFlow fire artists on stage. Flow Arts is based on manipulation of objects (such as sticks, poi, wheels), as well as the management and manipulation of juggling. In recent few years, LED technology has created a possibility to trace patterns on objects and this has brought a new touch to the art, which will be seen on stage in Parsifal. Read more about UniFlow shows

Niko Solopuro has become one of the leading professional in Fire Art and exported UniFlow group forward dramatically in the last few years in Finland. Niko has performed and practiced Flow Arts since 2003. He is a skilled artists, as well as versatile stage performer. The spark for Fire Art reached Niko 10 years ago and since then he has captured the hearts of platforms, both in Finland and abroad – not forgetting mm. Moscow Eurovision Song Contest finale and the Finnish Talent finale. At the moment Niko is one of the hottest names in the scene of Fire Arts Juggling.

Varietee-artist Katra Solopuro is a professional performer’s who’s job description is divided into three equal parts. She has conquered the stages both in Finland and abroad as a fire artist, multi-band artist and singer. Katra is extremely clever and warm-hearted performer, whose radiant charisma comes into its fullest when she’s on stage.

Tintti Mikkonen aka Fire Lady is a multi-talented Fire Artist. With fifteen years of experience, she has a variety of tools from burning sticks to fire-fans and skipping ropes. In addition, she is also a costume designer. In 2011, Tintti started to pole dancing and is now also a pole dance instructor at Studio Move. Read more about our Fire Lady

Kasmir Jolma is a Fire Art professional who has a long career in the circus. He has performed around the world in addition to Finland, for example in the Moscow Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Kasmir is a strong and brilliant performer and a charismatic personality.

The latest member of the UniFlow group is a flexible fire and circus artist Jaakko Sirainen, who has grown in Sorin Sirkus.

Artistic Crew

Director and Dramaturge Disa Kamula 

Director and dramaturge of the Parsifal performance is MA Disa Kamula. She is a educator, performer and researcher with a passion for studying different acting training methods such as the Suzuki actor training method and the Viewpoints technique. In addition, Disa is particularly distinguished in audience development work and experimental theater. Curiosity and passion to do things differently, were reasons for Disa to get involved in directing Parsifal. Read more about her

Choreographer Heikki Järvinen

Heikki Järvinen is a founding member of Team Unito and tricking pioreer in Finland. Heikki is an experienced performer and tricker and he has performed all over the world for example in China, Portugal and Germany. Heikki has taken tricking forward in Finland and abroad, and he has visions for the movement language of tricking.

Music by Petra Poutanen-Hurme

Petra is a musician and a composer who has composed music for several ensembles and theaters. Her instrumentation is wide and her voice even wider. To mention something, during last year she has performed in the Finish National Theater in a play called Europaeus using the all the sounds that can come out of a human throat combined with lyrics that rushes through your soul.​ Listen to Petra’s music

Visual artist Jussi Löf

Jussi Löf is a surrealist visionary painter and Visual Jockey. His earlier works are staging for events, festivals and theatre productions. In Parsifal Jussi is responsible for projected light art that dances music and choreography. See his artwork in the gallery

Light designer Ville Syrjä

Light designer Ville Syrjä is working full time in the Tampere Hall. He has made light designing for various events from concerts to opera.

Scenographer Samuli Kivinummi

Samuli Kivinummi is a multi-talented artist whose works explore detailed dimensions. Samuli has worked as a visual designer, set designer and special mask designer in the largest Nordic Fire Theater in 2007-2011 in Pyynikki Summer Theatre. The material for Parsifal staging is collected from an underground “Graffiti Gallery” from an old matchstick factory in Tampere. Samuli collected over 2000 used spray cans, which he conjures up to the scene of the physical staging of the performance in various elements. Also the special masks used in the performance are made by Samuli Kivinummi.

Vilma Riitijoki – Fashion Designer

Vilma Riitijoki is an award-winning fashion designer (The young designer of the year 2011), specializing in ethical, visual and ergonomic couture costumes. Vilma began her career in the circus arts costume designer, and then continued in the field of fashion and art. She has her own brand of design called V I L M A V A. Internationally, the works have been noted in Korea, Switzerland, Oslo, New York and Berlin Fashion Week, to mention few.  Vilma is kind of a fashion anarchist. She uses recycled materials and tries to achieve timelessness on her work. Vilma’s vision of ecological fashion is perfect for designing the outfits of Parsifal. Material for the Parsifal costumes includes for example recycled energy waste such as plastic and old VHS-tapes. Material has been collected from the people of Tampere through “Wanted Trash – collection” during the spring 2015. In Vilma’s hands the useless waste deformes into ecological design and creates a very special aesthetic world for the Parsifal performance. Have a peak at V I L M A V A designs

Production team

Unify Productions Oy

Producer Heikki Pentti, CEO of Unify Productions Oy.

Commercial producer Joonas Inha, stone cool marketing professional.